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  • Collective 7000152695
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One (1) year contract for Solar Operations & Maintenance Site Services

Collective 7000152695

Description: CPS Energy is interested in employing a Company to perform Operations & Maintenance (“O&M”) Services and Deliverables, as requested by the CPS Energy Field Representative for a 1 year term.

Solicitation Detail:

Company shall be responsible for the operation, maintenance, and monitoring of a 5 Megawatt Alternating Current (“MWAC”) Photovoltatic (“PV”) Solar generating facility connected to 34.5 Kilovolt (“kV”) distribution system located in San Antonio, Texas.  

Solicitation Documents:

Companies wishing to provide a Response for this Solicitation must download the Collective Document for this Solicitation no later than April 28, 2019 from the website. There is a link for the Collective Document located on the left side of this page, under the “Solicitation Documents.” To successfully download the documents, it is recommended that Google Chrome 33+, Mozilla Firefox 38.01.1, or Internet Explorer 9 or greater be used.

Pre-Solicitation Meeting:

There will be no Pre-Solicitation Meeting.

Response Due Date:

Responses are due no later than April 29, 2019 at 3:00 P.M. (Central). CPS Energy reserves the right to reject late Submittals. The Collective Document contains all pertinent information regarding Responses.

Contact Name: Marco Gomez Quintanilla

Contact Email: