Roofless Solar


Thank you for your interest in the Roofless Solar program. 

The program is currently at-capacity.  Check back here for updates. 


I think I’m interested in the SolarHost program.  What do I need to do?

You’ll let our partner, PowerFin, know that you’re interested by going to SolarHostSA and filling out your information on the site. PowerFin will do an initial desktop review to determine if your house is a good candidate for solar.  If it is, they’ll contact you to let you know whether your home is a good candidate for the program.

From there, an on-site evaluation will be conducted to determine if you’ve been selected as a SolarHostSA.  If selected, next steps include obtaining permits, installing the system, and having it inspected and approved.  Those whole process from application to installation generally takes around three months to complete.

Once everything is installed, you’ll start generating electricity, which will be sold to CPS Energy for use by the community. In exchange, each month you’ll receive a credit from CPS Energy on your electric bill of $0.03 for every kilowatt-hour that your panels generate.

The program is still open and accepting applications.  We expect room for another 250-300 customers.  Once full, the pilot program will be evaluated to determine if we can expand the program in the future.

What if I don’t have access to the Internet?  How do I fill out the forms?

A PowerFin Service Representative can be contacted by phone to help input your request into the system at 210-996-1772.

How can I know if my roof is eligible for the program?

Each roof will be evaluated by the PowerFin team. The initial review will be done using satellite imagery from the computer to assess roof orientation and shading.  If the initial factors look good, then a PowerFin representative will contact you to set up an on-site evaluation.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. In fact, CPS Energy will provide you a bill credit if your home is a good candidate and you are selected to host the solar system.