Scheduled maintenance planned starting 7:00pm Friday, December 14 through 7:00am Sunday, December 16.  During this time, our automated phone system, Manage My Account, online forms, and all CPS Energy web portals will not be available. We will not be able to take payments in any form during this time. Thank you for your patience.

Beware of Scammers


Scammers or imposters are a reality of life today. Be prepared. Here are some important tips to help you avoid being scammed or having your important personal information stolen.

Please remember, WE WILL NEVER:

  • Call to demand payment or money (by cash, credit card, iTunes cards, etc.) at your home or business
  • Request credit card or banking information over the telephone
  • Ask to enter your home unless you have initiated a request for a specific service

If you receive a suspicious call:

  • Record the phone number if you have caller I.D.
  • Call 911 or local law enforcement immediately
  • Call the Security Hotline at 210-353-4000

Remember these rules about payment by phone:

  • Payment will always be initiated by you, the customer
  • You will make payment directly to our Pay-by-Phone partner, JP Morgan Chase, at the following numbers:
    • Residential Customers: 1-877-257-1172
    • Commercial Customers: 1-855-290-7615

How to distinguish CPS Energy employees from imposters:

  • Company vehicles have a CPS Energy logo, and employees wear uniforms with our logo and will have an I.D. badge with employee number
  • Even our contractors are readily identifiable
  • In most cases, you will receive advance notice if we plan to do extensive work in your neighborhood
  • Employees will almost never ask to come inside your home
  • Employees will almost never ask you to come outside

If, on the rare occasion, a CPS Energy employee comes to your door:

  • Ask to see the employee's I.D. badge and employee number
  • Verify employment with this information by calling our Security Hotline at 210-353-4000

If you suspect someone of stealing uility services, please report this suspicious activity anonymously using our online form:  Report Utility Service Theft

News Releases:  

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